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International Society of Plant Morphology awards Fellowships (FISPM) periodically to recognise outstanding scientific contributions of Plant Scientists.
We are enclosing the pertinent form for the same.
The name man be proposed and seconded and submitted to the Secretary ISPM.
The eligibility conditions are available on ISPM site.
The last date is 31st December 2017.

C P Malik

President ISPM

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The International Society of Plant Morphologists is a 65 year old society founded in 1951 during the joint session of the 38th Indian Science Congress Association and the first Pan-Indian Ocean Science Congress...



Phytomorphology, or “plant morphology,” should, by all rights, include “plants” other than angiosperms, but often these plants are neglected, ignored, or forgotten. This may be due to a variety of causes -- lack of interest, general paucity of funding and even, perhaps, the “hegemony” of angiosperm researchers. We at PHYTOMORPHOLOGY wish to remind researchers of taxa other than flowering plants that we remain intensely interested in the structure and function of these taxa--whether the polyphyletic “algae” and “fungi,” green plants (including green algae), and land plants -- Bryophyta, Marchantiophyta, Anthocerophyta, Lycophyta, Pteridophyta, Sphenophyta, and Gymnosperms.

We invite contributions on all aspects of the biology of these groups, with the possibility of bringing out a special issue of Volume 67 entirely devoted to these plants. We urge you to place your findings in a broad context so as to interest as wide a readership as possible.

We look forward to your submissions. Please do read the instructions to contributers, both in this issue and online (http://ispm.co.in/phytomorphology_guidelines.html).

December 2016

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